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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Viruses, Infections, Doctors and Orange Flavored Antibiotics..

About a week and a half ago, Nate started coming down with a quite severe cold that really did a number on him. I felt great until a week or so ago, I even got to spend some nice time with my sister Eliza and our childhood friend, Laura, as well as her cousin, Amanda. We had a really nice time.

Anyway, Nate took a few days off work last week because he felt so awful. My cold came on suddenly on Tuesday and is was quite up and down. Both girls seemed to have a milder version. They were both pretty chipper and only had runny noses and very little coughing. Cordelia had a well baby visit (her last with Dr. S, who I love, but we are moving to Kaiser). He did not see anything out of sorts with her, she just had a mild infection it seemed. Just for info's sake, she weighed 17 and a half pounds and was almost 29 inches. She's in the 40s in the percentile scale for weight and head circumference, and in the 70s for height.

By Saturday, we all seemed to be feeling a bit better and we enjoyed the McG Easter gathering (pics later). But on Sunday evening, both of their coughs (and mine too) had worsened and they both had fevers, so I was worried that something else could be wrong.

Today, my mom was nice enough to meet Cecily, Cordelia and I at the doctors. Turns out they both have ear infections! Cecily has had once before, but she was 11 months at the time so it had been awhile. They both got prescriptions for antibiotics and they gave me two rather tiny syringes to administer the medication. I feel really dumb about this now, but I misread the dosage amount. Instead of the recommended 8mL for Cecily and 4mL for Cordelia, I gave them 0.8mL and 0.4mL. The syringe only had a capacity of 1mL, so I guess that confused me. I am grateful I gave them too little rather than too much. Apparently, 4mL is actually a teaspoon. and 8mL is obviously 2. Wouldn't that be better to put down?

Anywho, neither girl would take any more straight, so I tried to trick both of them by hiding it in their foods. It worked with Cordelia, but Cecily would not take her amoxicillin laced yogurt. I don't know how I am going to get them both to take 19 more doses!

Ack! So, I am just hoping that we will all be better soon. I hate being sick!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Breaking news....

So, I went to go grab the vacuum cleaner and Cecily was sitting on her potty watching a movie and when I came back into the room, she had peed in it! Hooray! The first time ever!


Getting big too fast!

So my little baby is growing up all at once it seems!

Last Saturday, at 9 months and two days, she took two steps together! Cordelia has been cruising on the furniture or a few weeks now and is now attempting to strike out on her own two legs. She has only been able to manage two steps at a time, and she always falls down after that. So, it'll take her a little while to really be "walking". I am so surprised because this is a couple months earlier than Cecily was walking. But, I suppose that is normal with a younger sibling close in age.

Yesterday, her first tooth FINALLY popped through. It's the middle right one on the bottom. I put my finger in there and was rubbing her gum and Cordelia just started laughing like she was so proud of her new addition!

Her other new trick is climbing onto the coffee table. I think we're going to move that, though!

So it's really strange to see her doing all of these things because she is so little. Cecily was much larger than her at this age, so it's strange having my "little" girl do this, especially at a younger age.

I am glad that she is also starting to get a bit more independent, but I am mourning the loss of her "tinyness". (Don't take that as wanting another now, because I surely do not for at least another year or two!)

I guess this is all a part of having little ones, you have to watch them become big ones!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now Serving B271 at Window 9...

So, Monday was wonderful! Well, not exactly, I had to go to the DMV.

To know why I was there, we have to flashback several months. Last May, our registration was due on the car. We had the smog check done and the registration paid. Everything was fine, it seemed. We didn't realize (probably due to having a new baby the next month), that the stickers never came. January rolls around and Nate gets a parking ticket for lack of registration (that cost a nice 60 bucks!) while at work. A couple days later, we were in Bakersfield and I get pulled over for the same problem. The cop threatened that the car could be impounded it immediately, etc.

So, over the next few days, we try to figure out the problem. The people that did the smog check never reported the results to the DMV. We ended up having to pay yet another $70 to get another smog check.

There was still the issue of resolving the traffic ticket. Payment and correction was due today, so I decided to go on Monday.

After getting the kids ready and together, fed and happy, it was time to go. I had to drive to Nate's job to switch vehicles and head to Bakersfield. It seems like everything goes about twice as long, if not longer with a couple kids in tow.

We get to the DMV, get our number and wait. Thankfully, Cordelia had slept the whole trip down and was still sleeping happily in her seat. Cecily was sitting nicely in my lap. So we were waiting for about 20 minutes and I was talking to a nice guy. Then, Cordelia woke up and we had to wait another half hour. Just when the kids were starting to get restless and grumpy, our number was called. All the girl did was sign the citation and stamped it. Sheesh, all that waiting for not a lot.

Then I piled the kids back in the car and got some lunch. Cecily successfully dumped her juice so that her rear end was totally wet when we got to the Superior Court building. Of course, I didn't have any spare pants for her! So we went in and she wanted to go on the escalator, but we had to stand and wait for awhile longer. Cecily was grumpy and tired.

I was very grateful for getting all of that done and being ready to go home. Cecily played with her princess stickers and Cordelia, again thankfully, slept on the way. (She HATES the car!) Whew, I was very thankful to get home. I was worn out!

Too much money and too much time for something that wasn't even our mistake!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

According to a three year old...

Star Wars!

I think she sums it up pretty well...


Cecily & The Apple Witch

I have been meaning to make a blog about this for awhile, but now I am finally doing it! It's not too exciting, so don't set yourself up for disappointment.
A few months ago, while sitting in my parents' house, Cecily wanted to watch a movie, so I got out the Snow White video and thought she'd get bored with it. Elizabeth and I never really watched it, we thought it was dull. BUT, she was enthralled! So, she has now watched it several times. She loves "Doe White" and the "Apple Witch" (which she recognizes in both forms, as the beautiful queen and as the hag).She will tell me, "'Cary apple witch go ooorrgghh" which means that the scary apple witch makes a mean noise.
The love of this princess has led into others. Cecily loves "The Little Mermaid" and "Cinderella" as well. I find it very interesting that she recognizes almost every female Disney villain and calls them all "Apple Witch" despite the differences in appearance.

I think I have got a "pincess" lover on my hands! She loves anything and everything with Disney princesses on it. Hopefully, her interest will get her to go on her princess potty! I may even buy her some princess shirts, even though I swore I'd never buy anything with characters on it. I just love how excited she gets about them, so it is worth it to me.

So, for now, while it is quiet time in the afternoon (when most kids her age nap), she gets to watch her princesses, and that is OK with me! An "apple witch" a day keeps the grumpy toddler at bay!

Now, we've got to plan a trip to Disneyland!


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